Color Swatches
Hand Dyed Silk & Silk Chiffon Solid Dyed Silk Silk Essence China Silk Tissue Lame

All swatches on this page are a representation.
The actual color of your order may differ slightly.
Hand dyed fabric cannot be duplicated exactly!
Hand Dyed Silk & Silk Chiffon
swatch healing power SW Heart of God Swatch Holy Spirit
Swatch Intercession
Swatch Joy
Swatch Living Water
Swatch Majesty
Swtch My Beloved
Swatch New Wine
swatch Ocean of Mercy
Swatch Pentecost
Swatch Praise
Swatch Rainbow
Swatch Rapture
Swatch Refiners Fire
Swatch Restoration of Israel
Swatch Resurrection
Swatch Rose of Sharon
Swatch Shekinah Light
Swatch Tabernacle
Swatch Water of Life
The Iridescent Fabric is not really silk but made of polyester!
Swatch Iridescent
Solid Dyed 100% Silk
Swatch Anointing
Swatch Blood of Messiah
Swatch Garden Rose
Swatch Glory
Swatch Healing of the Nations
Swatch Mediator
Swatch Pure River
Swatch Resurrection
Swatch Royal Priesthood
Silk Essence
Swatch Essence Blue
Swatch Essence Green
Swatch Essence Off White
Swatch Essence Old Gold
Swatch Essence Pale Yellow
Swatch Essence Pink
Swatch Essence Purple
Swatch Essence Red
Swatch Essence White
China Silk
Swath China Red
Swatch China Orange
Swatch China Yellow Gold
Swatch China Lemon Yellow
Swatch China Spring Green
Swatch China Green
Swatch China Sapphire
Swatch China Royal Blue
Swatch China Lavender
Swatch China Deep Purple
Swach China Fuchsia
Swatch China White
Swatch China Teal
Swatch China Olive
Swatch China Black
Tissue Lame
Swatch Lame Red
Swatch Lame Brass
Swatch Lame Royal Gold
Swatch Lame Copper
Swatch Lame Lavender
Swatch Lame Fuchsia
Swatch Lame Magenta
Swatch Lame Pink
Swatch Lame Royal Blue
Swatch Royal Purple
Swtch Lame Turquoise
Swatch Lame Aqua
Swatch Lame Green
Swach Lame Silver
Swatch Lame Teal

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