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Gift Certificates!

Do you want to give your Praise Dance Team a gift but don't know what they need? Give them a Gift Certificate to Son Dance Ministry! Son Dance Ministry offers a wide variety of worship dance instruments and accessories to choose from. All gift certificates must be redeemed through Paypal from SonDanceMinistry.com.

Garment Bag for Praise Dance

I don't know about you, but I have always had a hard time finding garment bags long enough for my praise dance garments. So, I decided to find some to offer my customers for a great price. These bags are 4 mil, clear vinyl that are 65" (inches)
long. There is also a place for a business card for identification purposes.


Price $8.50

French scr end


Biblical Color Chart

Did you ever wonder what colors mean?  Patricia Kieffer has done research into the meaning of the colors from a biblical perspective.  This color chart is laminated and is 5 x 7 inches, just the right size to fit into your Bible.  There are descriptions of 30 colors, 6 metallic colors and 7 combination colors. A separate sheet of scripture references is also included.

Price $4.50




These pretty hairbands can accent your praise garment or buy them to match the ribbon streamers you purchase. Hairbands come in all the ribbon Streamer colors.-Price $3.00


Praise, Worship & Flag Dances DVD by Lynn M. Hayden

If you’ve always wanted choreography ideas, dance patterns to put with any music or dances to follow and learn, this is the DVD you need!

Within the three main categories, PRAISE, WORSHIP & FLAGS, there are dance steps and patterns taught by Lynn Hayden, of Dancing for Him Ministries,with easy to follow ‘from the back’ teaching. She takes you through every movement in a well explained manner, so you will feel comfortable learning. She has choreography for 4 dances, two of them being flag dances.

Click here if you would like to see a video preview of this video on YouTube. Click back button to return to Son Dance Ministry.

Price $26.00

Perfume of Fire' DVD


Perfume of Fire by Lynn Hayden

You'll absolutely love this DVD!!

It is full of 1 Hour and 58 minutesof flag ideas as well as an entire processional/ministry dance.

The Flag portion has lots of creative ideas that you can do with flags including an entire expressive vocabulary!

The dance is repeated several times from different angles, so you're sure to get the whole thing. It can be done to any slow 4/4 time music and is perfect for Easter/Christmas productions.

Click here if you would like to see a video preview from Lynn Hayden's website. Use your back button to return to Son Dance Ministry website.

Price $26.00

Billow Cloth Beauty DVD
by Lynn M. Hayden

  • Have you ever seen those beautiful billow cloths and wondered how to use them?
  • Do you want some creative ideas for their use?
  • Would you like to learn the mechanics of using them in a step by step fasion?

Then this DVD is for you!

Along with some basic technique, Lynn teaches and demonstrates how to do entrances, exits, multiple layers and more...

She also incorporates dancers and some flags.You'll get many wonderful and helpful ideas in the professionally produced and edited 52 minute DVD.

Order yours today!

Price $26.00

Billow Cloth Beautiy DVD

The Dancing Word: Miriam and Mary
by Betsey Beckman

The first in the series, this 30 minute DVD offers two Biblical StoryDances:

Miriam of the Dance (18 minutes)
The Annunciation (15 minutes)
“Here is the Bible – and two of its most important women – made powerfully present with an expressive artistry to charge the imagination, soften the heart, and fire the soul with love.” – Rev. J. Michael Sparough, S.J.

Price $18.00

Praise & Worship with Flags Book

Mary Magdalen DVD


The Dancing Word: Mary Magdalene/ DVD by Betsey Beckman

This second in the Dancing Word series offers an inspiring encounter with Mary Magdalene, whom we come to know as one of Jesus’ most courageous and intimate disciples. Filmed in the beauty of the Northwest, this scenic story offers dramatic visuals for the Gospel and gives fresh voice to the oldest truths of our faith.

Click here if you would like to see a video preview of this video on YouTube. Click back button to return to Son Dance Ministry.

DVD includes:

Main Feature: Mary Magdalene - StoryDance (22 minutes)
Artist’s Introduction (7 minutes)
Guided Meditation with Christine Valters Paintner, PhD (18 minutes)
Guided Movement and Scriptural Reflections with Betsey Beckman (40 minutes)

Price $20.00

The Dancing Word: Woman at the Well DVD
by Betsey Beckman

Betsey Beckman – renowned liturgical dancer and presenter – and J. Michael Sparough, SJ – retreat master, storyteller and author have been praying, publishing and performing together for over 30 years. Here they invite us into author John Shea’s beloved re-telling of the Woman at the Well for an emotion-filled journey of the thirst, heart-break, humor and healing. With natural settings weaving together Biblical and 21st century images, the liberating message of the Gospel comes to life with refreshing water for our times.

Video Preview

Price $20.00



Mary Magdalen DVD

Streamer ToteStreamer Tote close up

Streamer Totes

These streamer bags are made of lightweight nylon. They will fit up to 5 or 6 streamers or more depending on the size. It comes in two sizes. Now you can add custom embroidery to the tote bags.Color of bags may vary from the picture.-

Small - 6.5" x 21"
Medium - 6.5" x 24"

Price $10.00


Price for Embroidery - $10.00

Embroider this on Streamer Bag:

Nylon Flag Bag

A sturdy nylon bag to hold all of your flags, swords, or other weapons of spiritual warfare. This bag is 13" x 41", has reinforced ends and will hold quite a few flags. The handles are long so you can carry it like a backpack.

Price for Bag - $35.00

Now you can have your name custom embroidered on your bag.

Price for Embroidery - $10.00

Embroider this on Flag Bag:

Nylon Flag BagFlag Bag Embroidery

Streamer ToteStreamer Tote close up

Hand Dyed Flag Bags -

Discontinued One left in red

The flag bags are made of 100% Cotton and are each individually hand dyed. They have a front pocket to carry your ballet shoes in or personal items. It has a draw string closure. Color of bags may vary slightly from the picture. No two will be alike. You may order with or without the "Grafted In" embroidery. It comes in 3 colors, Red, Purple and Blue

Size 9.5" x 28

Price $35.00


Tote Bag Embroidery

Nylon Tote Bag

A sturdy nylon bag to hold all of your streamers, dance shoes, and other ministry needs. This bag is 14" x 12" x 3", has an outside zippered pocket and a zippered top closure also. The handles are long enough to carry it over your shoulder. It comes in 3 colors: red, blue and fuchsia.

Price for Bag - $20.00


Price for Embroidery - $10.00

If you want a momogram please put the initials in the order you want them. EX: Suzanne Rose Tushar would be "STR"

Embroider this on Tote Bag:
Tote Bag



Fiberglass Streamer Rod
For those of you who prefer the fiberglass rods for your streamers, I now have them available for sale. The fiberglass stick comes with a swivel on the end that you would attach to your streamer. They measure approximately 1/4 in diameter by 23" long. The fiberglass sticks are durable and a bit more flexible than the wooden rods.-Price $10.00


Liturgical Dance
A Practical Guide to Dancing in Worship
by Deena Bess Sherman, M. A.

"This practical guide for exploring and lifting up liturgical dance is informative
, engaging and alive with ideas! Through movement and music, dancers of all experience levels are inspired to be vessels inviting worshippers to draw closer to God. This resource can be an effective mission tool for enhancing creative meaningful worship with liturgical dance." - Price $12.00

The Prophetic Significance of Silk
by Ruby Potter

"Greater Love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." John 15:13

The silkworm is an archetype of Christ. It, too, sacrifices it's life in order for us to make silk fabric. As we worship with our instruments and garments of praise, the colors prophetically signify so much in the kingdom of God. But what about the very fabric of which these instruments and garments are made? What message is the Lord prophetically speaking to us through silk? Through the Scriptures, this book will reveal the answer to those questions.

Price: $6.50

Worship Garment Etiquette
by Holy Smoke Ministries
It is so important that when we minister to the Lord in dance that we "present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is our spiritual service of worship".
(Rom. 12:1) Our wearing apparel MUST be modest! What we wear in the dance studio is NOT okay for the church sanctuary. This book is a set of guidelines we use for Holy Smoke Ministries. (An ecumenical praise dance group.) It will help you to understand the importance of modesty for your own Praise Dance Ministries.
Price $15.00

Mysteries of the Heavenly Stones in the Breastplate of the Priest and the New Jerusalem by Maria Goldstein

"The Isarelite high priests wore a sacred breasplate decorated with twelve precious stones that contained the names of the twelve tribes, each name being fully engraved on the stone. The ancient Hebrews believed that these stones carried divine meaning, and that belief is still held to this day by many.

Maria Goldstein of Voices in the Wilderness TV Ministry, has compiled in this book, from the old and new testaments the many scriptures that will help us understand the divine meaning of these stones. Color pictures of each stone for each of the tribes of Israel are included.

Price: $25.00 each

Heavenly Stones Book

Breastplate Book


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