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Son Dance Ministry began in 1998 when I felt the Lord lead me to teach others how to use dance as a form of prayer, praise and worship. In 2015, it will be our 17th year in bringing praise dance to the church to worship the Lord.

In 2003, my ministry also became my business. Along with doing dance workshops, I manufacture worship instruments, worship streamers for adults and children, praise and worship garments, and various dance accessories for sale. I produce beautiful hand dyed silk streamers that add so much to the visual prayer experience. I also make ribbon worship streamers that are made of organza which float so gracefully when you dance. The ribbon streamers come in two different styles now. The praise garments are unique and beautiful.  I give liturgical dance workshops and fabric dyeing workshops in silk, cotton, and rayon.

Called to Dance before the Lord

When I was about twenty years old and seeking to know the Lord, I came to the realization that Jesus was Jewish. I then began on a journey to learn more about our Christian roots in Judaism. I took Hebrew, visited the Holy Land, and attended Israeli folkdance classes at the local Jewish Community Center. With what little knowledge I had of the Hebrew language, I was able to pick out words here and there from the songs. I discovered that many of the songs for the dances were taken from the Holy Scriptures. We were praising God through dance!

With much excitement in my heart, I went to the pastor of my parish, Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, and asked him if we could praise God through dance during Mass. He encouraged me to proceed with my proposal. That was in 1977, and it marked the beginning of my call to dance before the Lord. I have been praising God through expressive worship ever since.

In the years that followed, my dance experiences grew and broadened. I was co-director of liturgical dance at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic church for 16 years. I ministered at Immaculate Conception Church of Dardenne, MO as co-director of liturgical dance for 8 years, and I am currently back at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church. There have been many special liturgies I have helped with, not only in my own parish, but also throughout the Archdiocese of St. Louis. In January of 1999, I was asked to be one of the coordinators and choreographers for the Papal Youth Rally. It was an awesome experience to have my dance team praise God through movement in the prayer service with Pope John Paul II. It was an event I will remember the rest of my life.

For 12 years, I had been involved with an ecumenical dance group called Holy Smoke Ministries. We have gone to many different churches of many different denominations teaching the art of expressive worship. With this calling to teach others how to give glory and praise to God through movement, I formed Son Dance Ministry and continue to explore the path God sets before me.

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